Hohokum gets release date, new behind-the-scenes video

Sony has announced a release date for its surreal adventure game Hohokum.

The colourful title will be released on August 12 in North America and August 13 in Europe.

It will be available on PS4, PS3 and Vita and will also be a Cross-Buy release, meaning purchasing the game for one format will make it available free of charge on the other two.

Originally revealed in May 2013, Hohokum is a collaborative effort between Sony Santa Monica, London studio Honeyslug and visual artist Richard Hogg.

The game was born of the developers' desire to create a title where "the usual pressures of videogames - constantly being told to do things, fearing failure and being challenged to earn progress - were all absent".

"Dick and I started designing Hohokum back in 2008," co-creator Ricky Haggett said in a recent PlayStation Blog post, "and since that time it has gone through a lot of changes.

"It's been a long journey and loads of fun! Now we're excited to finalise the game and send it out into the world for all of you to play."

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