EarthNight announced for PS4, Vita

"Unbelievably hard" rogue-like runner features hand-painted graphics

EarthNight, an indie "roguelike runner" that promises to be extremely difficult, has been revealed for PS4 and Vita.

Developed by indie studio Cleaversoft, EarthNight is a project designed to be "the deepest, most beautiful runner game of all time," according to lead developer Rich Siegel.


According to the announcement on the PlayStation Blog, EarthNight is a "handpainted roguelike runner" about a dragon apocalypse.

Dragons have taken over Earth and sent the exiled human population to space. It's up to heroes Stanley and Sydney to skydive to Earth and defeat as many dragons as possible in the hope of returning Earth to the human race.

The game switches between two different sections - skydiving through a sea of dragons, then running along the backs of larger dragons.

"Since most of the gameplay only involves two buttons EarthNight is accessible to anyone," Siegel says. "But serious gamers shouldn't be fooled; the controls have surprising depth, and the path to EarthNight is always different and riddled with danger.

"If you get flustered or start button mashing, you'll be dead quick. A player can beat the game in 30 minutes, but it will take hundreds of runs to gain the skills to reach the final world."

EarthNight will feature fully hand-painted characters and backgrounds, and will also include an original soundtrack by chiptune musician Chipocrite.

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