Night in the Woods coming to PS4

Indie adventure is "about letting go and holding on"

Indie adventure game Night in the Woods will be released on PS4, its development studio has confirmed.

Infinite Fall announced the news on the PlayStation Blog, with animator Scott Benson stating: "We're super happy to announce that Night In The Woods is coming out for PS4."

The game stars Mae, a cat who had recently moved home to go to college. All her friends continued to stay in her home town of Possum Springs, so Mae decides to drop out of college and return back home to "reclaim her teenage life".

Possum Springs was a former mining town, but now all the mining jobs have gone and the town is now "a dead-end backwater" struggling to survive.

"What Mae finds is that life and her friends moved on while she was away," Benson explains. "Strange things are happening to her and to the town. Things are changing. And there's something in the woods up behind the park that might mean an end to all of it.

"Night in the Woods is a story about letting go and holding on. We wanted to create something that got into some ideas that were kicking around in our heads, themes that hopefully resonate with a lot of people."

Infinite Fall originally launched Night in the Woods as a Kickstarter campaign in late 2013. Its goal of $50,000 was easily surpassed, with a total of $209,375 raised.

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