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Video: 5 biggest Microsoft E3 predictions

Next week Microsoft will be taking to the stage at E3 and hoping to 'win' this time.

There can be no denying that its biggest rival Sony was the fan favourite at last year's expo, with its promise that PS4 would be easy to develop for and feature none of the DRM planned for Xbox One.

Following a number of embarrassing backtracks, numerous system updates and the reluctant ditching of mandatory Kinect, the Xbox One is finally back on track and ready to properly take on the PS4.

All eyes, then, will be on Microsoft to see what it plans to announce. We know Halo 5 will feature to some extent, but what else will the Redmond-based company reveal as it bids to take back the new-gen throne?

We've put together our own list of predictions in the video below. If we're right, and Microsoft reveals just some of the games below, it's going to be a very interesting E3.

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