Off The Record 24: Featuring Rami Ismail and Thijmen Bink

For this week's Off The Record Rob and Tamoor have kicked off the usual jokers to make way for a pair of very special guests.

Joining them are Rami Ismail, chief executive business & development guy at Vlambeer, the indie developer known for Ridiculous Fishing, Super Crate Box, Luftrauser and Nuclear Throne.

Along with Rami is Thijmen Bink, CEO & tech director of Digital Dreams, which is set to release infographic inspired indie game Metrico on the PlayStation Vita soon.

Topics this week include a discussion of indie and AAA game development, hopes and dreams for E3 2014, our impressions of Watch Dogs and, of course, Vlambeer's Nuclear Throne and Digital Dreams' Metrico.

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