Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy coming to 3DS eShop in winter

Capcom reveals E3 2014 lineup

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy will arrive on Nintendo 3DS this winter, Capcom has revealed.

The new title, which will release exclusively on eShop, bundles the first three Phoenix Wright games (Ace Attorney, Justice for All, and Trials and Tribulations) with re-drawn graphics and "immersive 3D visuals".

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The 3DS title released in Japan on April 14, though a release overseas had not been confirmed up until now. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies was also a digital-only release outside of Japan.

Capcom has also more of its E3 2014 lineup, which includes Dead Rising 3 for PC, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for 3DS, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS devices, and Ultra Street Fighter IV for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Capcom's E3 presence will also include an official Ultra Street Fighter IV Capcom Pro Tour tournament at E3.

Although it has not been officially named as one of the game's making an appearance at E3, it has been speculated that Deep Down may also be featured at the show.

In development at Capcom Online Games in collaboration with SCE Japan Studio, Deep Down is a PS4 exclusive will be free to play and will support four player co-op.

Deep Down has only officially been confirmed for release in Japan, but a western launch may be on the cards too. Capcom filed a Deep Down patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in July 2013.