Leak suggests Nintendo will announce Mario Maker at E3 2014

Marketing material points to 8-bit Mario level editor

Nintendo will announce Mario Maker at E3 2014, if a leaked image of marketing material is accurate.

The image, obtained by Nintendo Enthusiast, depicts marketing material for the unannounced title.


Evidence suggests the Mario Maker will allow users to create their own 8-bit era Mario levels using a stylus. It's unclear which Nintendo platform the game is intended for.

While Nintendo will not deliver a press conference at E3, the company has confirmed it will broadcast four E3 'digital events' during the week.

The main presentation will take place on Tuesday, where Nintendo is expected to make its new game announcements. It will then broadcast a 'live at E3' program intended to offer more detail on the main presentation, as well as a Super Smash Bros. tournament and 'Live from Nintendo Treehouse'.

It was announced earlier today that Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata will not attend E3 this year for unspecified health reasons.