Sunset Overdrive video explores the city, quests

Insomniac Games has released a new Sunset Overdrive video explaining the inspiration behind the game's open world design, while also touching on the side quests players will encounter in the campaign.

Sunset City is formed of a series of vertical, layered playgrounds. Associate community manger Brandon Winfrey says: "We think of the street as a beginners level, so that's just mostly grinds and bouncies and all that jazz, but the higher up you go the more you're going to have to combo your traversal and utilise your wall run in order to get around."

Sunset Overdrive was revealed at Microsoft's E3 2013 press conference and will also be on show at this year's event in LA next week.

A recent Edge preview described the Xbox One exclusive as a mixture of the "blue skies and punk rock of Crazy Taxi, the speed and style of Jet Set Radio, the grindabile city of Tony Hawk's Project 8 and the firepower of any Insomniac shooter".

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