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Transformers Universe trailers reveal Sparkscape and Diabla

Free-to-play online action game in beta ahead of summer 2014 release

Jagex has released teaser trailers showing two new Transformers Universe characters, Sparkscape and Diabla.

Coming to PC in summer 2014, Universe is a massively online tactical action game set in the world of Transformers.

The free-to-play title, which will be supported by microtransactions, tasks players with recruiting and managing a squad of bots and battling others.

Players can sign up for beta access now on the Transformers Universe website.

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Sparkscape:: Turbo-charged and on a mission, Sparkscape leaves scorched sand and burnt rubber in his smoldering wake. When he levels his vapor gun he spews fire with the fury of a volcano erupting. Aware he's not the only fanatical fire-lover on the beach, he goes nowhere without his repair kit. After all, he'd hate to burn out before he's left his mark.

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Diabla: Notoriously corrupt and devious, Diabla is an archenemy to the entire Autobot army. Small and unassuming at first glance, enemies that get too close will find their systems failing, their Energon depolarized, and an arm blade planted in their mainframe. They should think twice about taking her at range as well - a spit from her missile launcher can drop an Autobot squad at 100 meters. Intel from the front paints Diabla as a devil with a cause.


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