E3 Gold: Microsoft's biggest E3 triumphs

A look back at the most memorable Xbox conference moments

We're expecting great things from Microsoft at E3 next week. Thus far, the Xbox One has had a bit of a rough journey, but there's a sense that it's about to turn its fortunes around.

Maybe we're letting our expectations spiral out of control a bit, but we're convinced that Microsoft is going to shuriken-throw new game announcements, first-party exclusives and exciting transmedia projects at our face (yes, we're actually excited about live-action Halo). In fact, we've actually been discussing whether Shenmue 3 could show up...

In just a few days all will be revealed. But until then, memories of Microsoft triumphs from E3 of old will have to be the fuel for our hype engine. We've put together a list of some Microsoft's standout press conference moments, take a look below and share your own picks in the comments...

Peter Moore's big guns

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Microsoft is undoubtedly the king of WTF moments at E3, and we've got a selection of amusing/awkward/amazing examples to prove it.

The first of those moments was during E3 2006 when Peter Moore unbuttoned and threw aside his jacket for a new game reveal. The last time he showed off his guns to the world those sculpted 'ceps were adorned with a Halo 2 tattoo, complete with a release date for the sequel.

This outstanding bit of showmanship set in stone the rule that that when Peter Moore starts stripping off, you are in for something really special. That particular E3 he rolled up his sleeve, and when people recovered from the involuntary swooning seeing Peter's guns, they were rocked by a Grand Theft Auto IV logo. Yes, Microsoft had managed to pull off an unthinkable coup, it had pulled Rockstar over to the Xbox 360.

Although Rockstar eventually released GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas on the first Xbox, the idea of a new entry appearing day-and-date on a Microsoft system alongside its PlayStation counterpart was still a shock, and a bitter pill to swallow for Sony faithfuls.

What topped it off though was news that Rockstar Games had entered into an agreement with Microsoft to provide timed exclusive DLC for the Xbox 360. This meant PS3 owners would be denied new GTA IV content for months at a time. And that had to have burned them up inside a bit.

Securing an exclusivity deal for the franchise that contributed to the monumental success of the PS2 was definitely one of Microsoft's E3 triumphs, and it wouldn't be the last time the Xbox 360 nabbed a cookie from Sony's jar...

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