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Don't Starve: Giant Edition headed to PS Vita

Klei says it will have more details in coming months

Don't Starve and its Reign of Giants DLC will release in one package on PS Vita, developer Klei Entertainment announced Friday.

The wilderness survival game debuted on PC in 2013 and released on PS4 as a free PS Plus Instant Game Collection title in January. Klei has said it was "investigating" the possibility of a Vita version, noting that it was a popular choice for PS4 Remote Play.


The Vita version of the game will include a touch-optimized interface for navigating menus, maps, items, and crafting, though players are free to use traditional controls throughout the game.

Survival mode, adventure mode, and all of the original game's updates and characters will be included. Players can also jump into the Reign of Giants expansion if they wish, adding two seasons, two new characters, and additional monsters.

Klei says it will have more details on Don't Starve: Giant Edition in coming months and that it's taking the "final steps" to bring the Reign of Giants expansion to PS4. The developer did not specify whether the Vita version will support the upcoming "Don't Starve Together" multiplayer update.