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Destiny to appear at Sony's E3 stage show

Bungie releases descriptions for four worlds

Destiny will appear on-stage as part of Sony's E3 media briefing on Monday, developer Bungie has confirmed.

The online shooter is set to launch on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on September 9. Despite launching on all four systems, Bungie has cooperated with Sony in previous promotions and arrangements, including an appearance at last year's E3 stage show and an early beta on PlayStation platforms.


Bungie has said the game will differ graphically across console generations, but its features will be identical.

The studio released the following list of confirmed locations for the game ahead of the new info planned for E3, including descriptions of their fall from human capitals to enemy territory.

Destiny Destinations

The ruins of the cosmodrome (inspired by the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan) was an important place during the Golden Age for outer space exploration - the original launch site for the Russian space program and, later, the launch site for colony ships during the Golden Age. Old Russia is marked by burnt, skyward steppes (high-altitude grasslands), surrounded by a a massive, decrepit wall, and infested with Fallen and Hive.

Emblematic of evil, darkness, strength and unknowable power, the moon lies in an area marked as a forbidden zone by earlier Guardians, who have visited this place only to encounter powerful enemy inhabitants, known as The Hive. Nesting into the Moon's proximity, they have begun an invasion of Earth. Like many other planets and moons in Destiny, the ruins of humanity's Golden Age can be found on the surface, as well as alien structures inhabited by enemy species. The Moon is classified by The City as a "Forbidden Zone", as early exploration attempts had proven too dangerous.

Used to be a scientific research facility during the Golden Age - a paradise, once home to a human scientific research settlement. Now, it is a monument to all that we have lost. The old stories say we built an academy dedicated to learning and research on the shore of a wondrous sea, and that the waters themselves boiled and rose up to shatter the coast, washing away all that we had built. Now there lies a tower called Vex Citadel that enemies called The Vex defend heavily.

What little we know of Mars may as well be a myth. We built a massive metropolis in the red dust. The Darkness swept nearly all of it away; the sand itself claimed the rest. No one knows what remains of our lost age, now buried beneath the dunes. Both the Cabal and Vex stake claim, causing a dispute between them.

During the Golden Age, Mars was once home to a populated human metropolis, a massive city that now lies buried beneath the planet's red dust, with only the peaks of its tallest skyscrapers poking out of the dunes as evidence that it ever existed. Guardians can now climb into those skyscrapers from their upper levels and venture into the depths below to discover what items and enemies may lie below the surface.