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Halo, Destiny composer sues Bungie

Martin O'Donnell seeks damages for unpaid benefits

Halo composer Martin O'Donnell is suing Bungie, claiming the company has refused to pay him for accrued paid time off and other benefits.


The lawsuit filed on May 1, and its response from Bungie's chief executive filed on May 27, were published by VentureBeat

O'Donnell's complaint is specifically addressed to Bungie president Harold Ryan. It restates O'Donnell's claim that he was dismissed "without cause", with no explanation given for his termination. The suit claims Ryan specifically caused Bungie to not honor its policy of paying former employees for unused time off in O'Donnel's case.

The lawsuit also references "separate grievances against Bungie and Ryan that are being pursued in arbitration", though it reserves the right to include them if need be.

The composer is seeking relief in the form of double the damages determined in court, interest, and legal fees.

Ryan denied most of the allegations in his response, admitting only that O'Donnell was indeed terminated.