Warframe coming to Xbox One

Free-to-play shooter will be available to Gold subscribers

Free-to-play PS4 game Warframe is coming to Xbox One.

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Canadian studio Digital Extremes has announced that its third-person shooter will be released on Microsoft's console later this year as part of the ID@Xbox programme. It will be available to Gold subscribers.


Warframe is a co-op shooter for up to four players. It's described by Digital Extremes as "high-tech machine-gun ninjas set in a far-future, over-hyphenated, Manga-Dune mash-up".

Players control ancient warriors who are members of a group called the Tenno. They have woken from centuries of cryosleep to take part in a massive war with three other groups: the Grineer (a race of humanoid clones), the Corpus (a corporation specialising in robot and laser technology) and the Infested (disfigured victims of a deadly virus).

The Tenno make use of a special form of exo-armour (a Warframe) to help them take on their enemies.

"Bringing Warframe to Xbox One is a no-brainer," creative director Steve Sinclair said in a press statement. "Our players have been asking for Warframe since the debut of the console and with the ID@Xbox Program, now we can make it happen.

"Having the freedom to develop and publish Warframe on our own terms is the true definition of independence to us. Warframe is a passion project for our team and building it alongside our players is a reality now with digital distribution."

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