New Tomb Raider domains registered and

Two new Tomb Raider domains have been registered by Square Enix, according to internet sleuth Superannuation.

The domains in question are and


The former may be associated with the sequel to last year's Tomb Raider reboot, which is currently in development at Crystal Dynamics.

It's also being speculated that Temple of Osiris could be a follow-up to 2010's Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light.

Asked about a potential sequel to the game in January, Crystal Dynamics executive producer Scot Amos told CVG: "For us, that was another labour of love, we love making great games that people play. The co-op nature of it was something that we wanted to experiment with, it was our first digital title, and we needed to learn that play space.

"Guardian of Light was, before Tomb Raider 2013 came out, actually one of the highest rated Lara Croft games ever... We listen to the fans very carefully, so the more ammunition they give us, the more opportunities it gives us to go and do things for them."


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