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Titanfall 2 in development for PS4, report says

EA and Respawn working on multiplatform sequel, WSJ says

The sequel to Titanfall will release on PS4, according to a Wall Street Journal source.

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Titanfall released exclusively on Xbox One and PC in March with an Xbox 360 version following in April. A report in March similarly claimed that publisher Electronic Arts and developer Respawn Entertainment would create a multiplatform sequel to the multiplayer shooter.


According to the Wall Street Journal's source, Titanfall's follow-up is currently in the planning stages. Respawn Entertainment co-founder Vince Zampella confirmed in October that the studio plans to create games for PS4, "just not the first Titanfall".

Respawn Entertainment will be on hand at EA's E3 2014 presence to demonstrate Titanfall's June title update, which adds Titan customization, Titan burn codes, and the Marked for Death game mode.

The studio added a Capture the Flag rotation back to its PC mode in May along with tweaks for more geographically dispersed matchmaking. The studio cut the Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter dedicated matchmaking channels when not enough PC players queues up to move through them at a satisfactory rate.