Xbox One to receive new achievement features

Snap, sort and search functionality coming later this year

Xbox One is due to get an update to its achievements system later in 2014.

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The news was announced by Microsoft's Larry Hryb during a pre-E3 conference broadcast.


As part of the update, players will be able to snap the Achievements app to the side of the screen, instead of having to switch between the app and their game.

This will enable players to view their achievements while playing, with cumulative achievements (such as those for receiving a certain number of kills) updating in real-time so players can track their progress live.

By default, achievements will be sorted by how close the player is to achieving them, but players will also be able to arrange them in any order they see fit.

Finally, if a player is struggling with a particular achievement they will be able to search for help on it, with Xbox One loading a browser and searching online for guides.

No date was given for the achievement update, with Hyrb simply saying it will be coming later this year.

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