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TJ Combo revealed for Killer Instinct

Key character from the 1994 original returns, marking the beginning of a new DLC season

TJ Combo will be the newest character added to the Killer Instinct roster, publisher Microsoft has confirmed.

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The ex-boxer was playable in the 1994 arcade original, as well as the 1996 sequel and N64 spin-off, yet did not initially feature in the 2013 Microsoft reboot.

However, TJ's inclusion will mark the beginning of what is being referred to as "season 2" of Killer Instinct DLC.

The Xbox One fighting game, which launched with the console, is free-to-play and charges for additional characters and costumes.

Double Helix Games was the original developer of Microsoft's Killer Instinct reboot, but since has been purchased by Amazon. Iron Galaxy Studios has been appointed the developer of the Season 2 content.

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