Video: Sunset Overdrive coming October 28

Sunset Overdrive will release on October 28 in North America, Insomniac Games revealed at Microsoft's E3 media briefing Monday.

The Xbox One exclusive will launch on October 30 in Australia and New Zealand, and on October 31 in Europe.

It will feature a single-player campaign as well as an up-to-eight-player co-op mode called Chaos Squad, where players can band together to kill monsters across Sunset City and earn loot.

Sunset Overdrive lets you and up to seven other players team up on Xbox Live in an action-packed online mode called Chaos Squad. Players join together to cause havoc throughout the city, voting on a series of missions with a risk-reward mechanic. Do they boost the Chaos level of the city, increasing both the difficulty and the potential rewards? Or do they take a team power-up, sacrificing some rewards to make things easier?

Culminating in a cooperative version of Night Defense, successful players unlock big rewards including in-game cash, Overcharge, crafting recipes, new weapons and vanity items. The seamless transition between the campaign and Chaos Squad lets you keep your newfound winnings across all game modes. Powered by Xbox Live, Chaos Squad lets you switch from campaign to online multiplayer and back virtually instantly.

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Insomniac Games recently released a Sunset Overdrive video explaining the inspiration behind the game's open world design (Sunset City is formed of a series of vertical, layered playgrounds), while also touching on the side quests players will encounter in the campaign.

Another Sunset Overdrive video released last month shows off a number of weapons players will get to grips with in the open-world game. Insomniac associate community manger Brandon Winfrey thinks the Resistance and Ratchet and Clank studio has created its "best arsenal of weapons" yet.

A recent Edge preview described the Xbox One exclusive as a mixture of the "blue skies and punk rock of Crazy Taxi, the speed and style of Jet Set Radio, the grindabile city of Tony Hawk's Project 8 and the firepower of any Insomniac shooter".

Here's the latest batch of E3 screenshots: