No Man's Sky trailer shows off 'infinite' universe

Sony shows off Hello Games' impressive space exploration game

Sony used its E3 press conference on Monday to offer a new look at Hello Games' much anticipated space exploration sim, No Man's Sky.

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The video offered a look at what Studio co-founder Sean Murray called an 'infinite' universe. It shows a colorful mix of uncharted planets, and glimpsed an exploration mechanic in which players are recognized for being the first to discover new locations and species of alien.

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No Man's Sky features a vast procedurally-generated universe in which every player will start from a different planet and set out to explore the stars at their leisure.

Hello Games' studio flooded over the Christmas holiday, damaging much of the studios' equipment and personal effects. But rebuilding the workplace has encouraged the No Man's Sky team to expand to seven people.

"For the last year there have been four of us working in a locked room, creating No Man's Sky," he said. "Actually the flood brought us all together, forced us back into a cramped little room - the whole team. It's been really positive, and it's felt like the right time for us to have more people help make this insanely ambitious game."

Murray explained how player discoveries will affect No Man's Sky for everyone, and how previously explored regions may change unexpectedly, in January.