The Last of Us PS4 release date confirmed

Remastered set for July 29

The Last of Us Remastered will release for PS4 on July 29, 2014, Sony has announced.

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Visual fidelity across The Last of Us Remastered will outmatch that of the PS3 original game's cut scenes, Naughty Dog claims.


While the PS3 game used a variety of tricks to make cinematics look impressive, like substituting in more detailed versions of characters and objects then swapping to lower-res versions in another shot, creative director Neil Druckmann said recently PS4 can display all of those assets even closer to their high-fidelity source all of the time.

Remastered is described as a straightforward port, but its developer has said it's considering taking advantage of PS4's improved triggers and touchpad.

The re-release will include a number of The Last of Us DLC packs featured in the game's season pass, including the Left Behind single-player add-on.