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Killzone Shadow Fall DLC trailer shows new co-op mode

Sony has sent over a Killzone 4: Shadow Fall DLC trailer showing off the PS4 shooter's new co-op mode.

Set for release this month, Intercept challenges teams of up to four players to go to behind enemy lines to intercept and relay Helghast military transmissions back to VSA headquarters.

Players have different specialisations, from combat focused roles like Assault and Marksman to more supportive ones like Medic and Tactician.

The DLC will come with four arena maps inspired by locations from the game's campaign. It will be available standalone for a price, or free to download for season pass holders.

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Guerrilla Games recently teased plans to release retro multiplayer maps for Killzone Shadow Fall. All DLC maps are free to download.


E3: Killzone Shadow Fall retro maps teased

Guerrilla Games also touches on rumours that its new IP will be open world