Magicka 2 set for PS4 and PC release

Sweden based games developer Paradox Interactive has revealed Magicka 2 for PC and PlayStation 4.

The new project debuted at Sony's E3 press conference in Los Angeles, via a humorous live action trailer.

PlayStation America representative Adam Boyes said Magicka 2 represents the first of multiple game exclusivity deals with Paradox.

The original Magicka was a four-player co-op action-RTS where players controlled up to four mages and fight against an evil sorcerer's forces.

The live-action trailer can be found below.

"Millions of people enjoyed the first Magicka, even after their friends exploded their heads with an 'accidental' fire beam," said Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive.

"The next chapter of the Magicka saga is going to introduce new twists on the gameplay and customization options, all presented with beautiful art and animation on the PC and PS4. Our players will be able to control their Wizards the way they like, assuming their fellow spellcasters let them live that long."

"Magicka 2 will bring the iconic spellcasting system, irreverent humor, and relationship-testing friendly fire into an all-new adventure with up to 4-player co-op," added Paradox.

"Featuring a story-driven campaign mode, new co-op gameplay features, and plenty of surprises, Magicka 2 will have players casting and blasting together on computers and consoles alike."

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