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Here's all the new Xbox One games and PS4 games

Every game announced during E3 so far

E3's now underway and already we've been subjected to a slew of new game announcements for the Xbox One and PS4.

To make sure you haven't missed out on anything, here's a complete list of every new-gen game that's featured so far, from indie darlings to triple-A blockbusters-in-waiting.

A big list of games isn't much use if you only own one of the two consoles, which is why we've split each game into Xbox One, PS4 and multiformat (i.e. both) sections.

As a bonus, we've added links to each game that'll take you to its most recent trailer (where applicable).

Also, something to note: if a game is currently listed as 'exclusive', that doesn't mean it'll never appear on the other system. This is an evolving list too! More to come soon.


Xbox One exclusive games


PlayStation 4 exclusive games