PlayStation TV to cost £85/€99 in Europe

Device enables Vita, and PS4 remote play, on a television

Update: T3 is now reporting that PS TV won't come bundled with a DualShock 3 controller in Europe, like it is in Japan.

Original story: Sony has told T3 that PlayStation TV will cost £84.99/€99 when it launches in Europe this autumn.

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The news follows Sony's announcement at E3 this week that the device will release in Europe and North America by the close of 2014.


Using the microconsole and a DualShock controller, owners will be able to play 1,300 Vita, PSP and older, classic PlayStation games on a television screen.

Other Vita entertainment offerings such as movies, eBooks and PlayStation Plus will also be accessible on TV, while PS4 games will be playable via Remote Play.

PlayStation TV launched in Japan last November as PS Vita TV. It will come bundled with a DualShock 3 controller but is also compatible with DualShock 4. See CVG's full PlayStation TV picture gallery.