Nintendo has 'a very robust development pipeline, not just first-party'

Company addresses lack of triple-A third-party Wii U support

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime insists the company has a strong development pipeline despite Wii U being overlooked for a number of triple-A multiplatform games.

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Major publishers like EA and Take-Two have opted not to bring series like Battlefield and Grand Theft Auto to Nintendo's home console, while FIFA 15 won't appear on Wii U either.


And earlier this week, Ubisoft's CEO said the company is holding back a finished Wii U game until the console's user base grows sufficiently to warrant marketing investment in the title.

Asked if Nintendo is having to create more games than ever before to fill holes in its software release schedule, Fils-Aime told IGN in a video interview: "We have a very robust development pipeline, and it's not just first-party.

"What you're seeing more and more, Devil's Third is a great example of it, is what we call second-party development. So, partnering with an established studio to bring some exclusive content to our platform. And then what you're also seeing are the big third-parties creating games like Just Dance, the Lego series.

"We're seeing a tremendous indie community really supporting our platforms," Fils-Aime added, "not only Wii U but 3DS as well, and those games are doing exceptionally well. From the developer's standpoint having those games merchandised side-by-side with Mario, with legacy Zelda-type games, they love it because the traffic is there, the attention is there, and so those independent games are also going to be a very key part of our product pipeline."

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