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Video preview: Forza Horizon 2

Drivatars go open-world in Playground's spin-off sequel

Originally revealed shortly before E3 commenced, Forza Horizon 2 was playable on the show floor this week.

The sequel to Playground Games' brilliant Forza Horizon once again takes place during the fictional Horizon Festival and will let players explore an open-world area, which this time is set in Southern Europe and said to be three times larger than that in the original game.

CVG's Gav Murphy and Official Xbox Magazine's Jon Hicks are at the E3 expo all this week, and they recently got their hands on Forza Horizon 2. Watch our video preview below to see why they think putting Forza 5's Drivatars in an open-world environment is "a bit Skynet", and why they still think it's going to be brilliant despite (or because of) this.

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