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Destiny competitive multiplayer footage emerges

A six minute video showing Destiny competitive multiplayer footage has appeared online.

The video shows a 6v6 mulitplayer match in action, in what appears to be a team deathmatch game mode.

Bungie has yet to publicly demonstrate Destiny's competitive multiplayer component outside of a limited alpha period which commenced this week. Destiny's promotional campaign has so far focused on the game's core cooperative gameplay.

In our Destiny alpha preview, we made note of the competitive mode, named The Crucible in-game.

"It's framed as a training mission where Guardians hammer on each other in teams of six, but given Bungie's pedigree, it's a safe bet you'll get tea-bagging in their about an hour after the Alpha goes live."

PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to access the Destiny beta in July. A Sony exec believes the Activision title will be the PS4's biggest system seller.

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