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Super Smash Bros. character customization detailed

Learn about extra moves, attribute-altering items

Super Smash Bros for Wii U & 3DS offers a new dimension of character customization across moves and attributes.

An update to the game's official website runs down the changes which game director Masahiro Sakurai introduced at an E3 roundtable, along with a live demo of the 3DS exclusive Smash Run.


Players will be able to customize all four of their characters' special attacks with three distinct variations, making for 12 iterations in total. For instance, Mario's bouncing fireball can be turned into a "Fast Fireball" or a huge "Fire Orb".

The Mii Fighters and Palutena will have 12 different attacks to choose from rather than variations on existing specials. The Miis appearances be altered with extra hats and clothing.

Fighters can be further customized with up to three equippable items that influence their Attack, Defense, and Speed attributes, though they don't affect character appearance. Each version's game modes will offer up a variety of items.

"You can make it tougher for opponents to send you flying but pay for it with slower movement, or you can move more quickly but offset that advantage with weaker attacks," the page says. "Your character's strength changes with each of the adjustments you make."

None of these customizations (including any Mii Fighters) can be used in the "With Anyone" online matchmaking mode. However, they can be used in the "With Friends" mode and in local play.

Nintendo has announced a Super Smash Bros 3DS release date of October 3. The home console version will launch holiday 2014, the company said during its E3 digital event on Tuesday.