DICE looking at early access schemes for future Battlefield games

Studio may involve fans in the development process to help ensure more stable launches

DICE is considering introducing early access schemes for its future Battlefield games.

Last December, two months after the launch of Battlefield 4, the studio was forced to suspend all DLC development until it fixed a multitude of errors that had plagued the shooter since release.


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Looking ahead, DICE may involve fans in the development process in order to help ensure more stable product launches.

Studio general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson told Game Informer: "We have nothing to announce, but we are having discussions when it comes to [early access].

"It comes not from a business perspective, but more from a perspective of if it would help us have a stable launch of the game.

"We would ask our players in a controlled way," Troedsson added. "We probably wouldn't open the floodgates for everyone, but we might do it for geographical territories or people who bought the last game.

"Yes, it is something we are considering, not from a business standpoint, but from one of creating quality in our products."

The latest series entry, Visceral's Battlefield Hardline, is scheduled for release on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on October 21 in North America, October 23 in Europe, and October 24 in the UK.

Publisher EA launched a Battlefield Hardline multiplayer beta on Monday, which is currently available to PC and PS4 players.


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