Grid Autosport trailer shows Tuner discipline

Publisher Namco Bandai has released a new Grid Autosport trailer focused on the Tuner discipline, one of five styles of racing set to feature in the game's world of professional motorsport.

Developer Codemasters explains in a blog post: "The Tuner discipline will test your throttle management skills to the limit in Drift events, ask you to thrash Muscle cars and get fast and furious behind the wheel of Super Modified motors in Time Attack events and races.

"Tuner events are all about style and control; you'll be challenged to find the very edge of what your car can do, without taking it past the limit. And believe us, you'll know when that limit is approaching as the crash barrier rapidly approaches the side of your car."

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The Grid Autosport release date is June 24 2014 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.


Grid Autosport Black Edition is exclusive to Game in UK

Bonuses include additional car, liveries and premium sponsors with objectives