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Missing: The games we didn't see at E3

From Fallout to Halo, we list the notable no-shows

Despite the amazing collection of games on show at this year's E3, there were still a number of titles that failed to show up.

Whether it was Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo, all three major companies chose not to reveal certain projects that were either almost certain to be in development. Here's the list of the missing projects - if you see them anywhere, please do call us.

The Last Guardian


The Last Guardian's lack of presence at each E3 for the past four years hasn't quite killed eveyone's hope to finally see it, and this year hopes were higher than usual. Just as recently as October, Sony revealed the project was "undergoing re-engineering", leading some to speculate it was coming to PS4. Add to that its listing on Amazon a few days before E3 and an appearance seemed all but certain but, alas, it wasn't to be. Sony has clarified, however, that the Last Guardian isn't cancelled.

The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D


Ever since the 3DS remake of Ocarina Of Time was released, Nintendo has been teasing that Majora's Mask is next. In fairness, part of this stemmed from Miyamoto teasing in June 2012 that the next Zelda game would either be a Majora's Mask remake or a Link To The Past one, the result ultimately being a sequel to the latter: 2013's A Link Between Worlds. However, many expected Nintendo's reveal of a brand new 3DS game on the third night of E3 to be Majora's Mask, but instead it was Intelligent Systems' Codename STEAM.

Resident Evil 7


Back in October 2013, an ex-costume designer for motion capture and animation studio House of Moves mentioned in her LinkedIn page that she had been the "costume designer for the video game Resident Evil 7" from November 2012 until January 2013. With Resi 6 coming out in October 2012, this information matched up - surely Capcom has been working on Resi 7 for the last year and a half? Well, if it has, it's staying secretive about it, with nary a sniff of Umbrella shenanigans on offer during E3.

Red Dead Redemption 2


Although Rockstar pleased many of its fans with the news that GTA V would be coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC, that wasn't quite the revelation some were expecting. Last year, Take-Two's CEO Strauss Zelnick stated that he saw Red Dead Redemption as a "permanent franchise". Then, just last month, he said the company plans to release another Red Dead game. It seemed encouraging, then, that Red Dead 2 would turn up in some form this week. But no.

Fallout 4


In late 2013, Fallout fans were left distraught when what appeared to be a countdown to a Fallout 4 announcement turned out to be a cruel hoax. However, part of the reason this amateur fake worked so well is that it's obvious Bethesda is working on the next Fallout game. In April 2013, Bethesda's Skyrim studio announced it is fully switching to its next major project, so unless there has been a major delay or certain tech complications, the next major Bethesda project is already overdue an announcement. Fans hoped E3 2014 was the time and the place, but were left disappointed.

3DS games


Obviously we're not saying there wasn't a single 3DS game to be found at E3, since Nintendo was happily promoting the likes of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and Codename STEAM. However, it was clear that Nintendo's focus this year was well and truly on Wii U, with the Kyoto company determined to show the system was being supported. As a result, there was only a handful of 3DS titles of note that were mentioned, and certainly not enough to satisfy its fanbase.

PS Vita games


If 3DS owners felt left out, Vita owners must have felt as if Sony had walked by them and not even recognised them. Vita games during Sony's conference were thrown together in a brief montage bookended by major PS4 demos. The sudden lack of support lends further credence to the suspicion that the handheld will be mainly used for indie games and PS4 connectivity in the future.

A new Metroid


We know, we know. Every year Nintendo fans usually ask for any combination of three seemingly abandoned IPs: F-Zero, Star Fox and Metroid. For many reasons - particularly how series regular Yoshio Sakamoto has returned to the limelight - this year seemed more likely than ever Samus would return. She didn't, but at least Nintendo said it "hoped to share Metroid news" in the near future.

Guerrilla's New Game


In February this year Guerrilla Games' Executive producer Angie Smets stated: "We are working on a new IP, we started on that already two and a half years ago. Unfortunately we cannot share details of the new IP, so you'll have to be a bit more patient until then." Given the average development time of a new game, it was hoped that the studio would reveal its new project at E3. Sadly it never happened, but then again, Gamescom isn't too far off.

Star Wars: Battlefront


"But CVG," we (probably) hear you cry, "Battlefront was there! In fact, EA led with it at the start of its conference!" Well, if a mini documentary with developers saying they love Star Wars and some rougher-than-sandpaper early engine footage counts as a game being shown off, then... well, we disagree is all. As far as we're concerned, we haven't seen anything yet. See also: Mass Effect 4.



Epic Games' latest third-person shooter was initially revealed in 2011 but everything went a bit quiet until April 2014, when the game made a comeback in the form of a gameplay video and the announcement that interested players could sign up for the alpha. It seemed a done deal that it would turn up at someone's conference at E3, but Epic sadly didn't show up.

EA's new IP


Electronic Arts has been telling us for a while how it's working on new IP. Just last August it told us it planned to release one or two new IPs every single year on new-gen consoles. This year, unless you want to count Battlefield Hardline, this new-gen IP was missing. The only completely new game EA showed was Dawngate, a PC-only MOBA. there was one video package that briefly outlined BoioWare's new IP, but it was all tell and no show.

Halo 5


We all know Halo 5: Guardians is going to be the Xbox One's big release next year, but what we didn't expect was Microsoft would decline the opportunity to show it off this week. Instead, we were given the (admittedly brilliant-looking) Halo: The Master Chief Collection, meaning chances are Halo 5's going to have to wait until E3 2015 before its inevitable Q4 release.

Star Fox


Similar to Battlefront, Star Fox was there (hence the photo above) but it also wasn't. A tech demo does not a new game announcement make, and the fact that Nintendo even went so far as to blur it out during its E3 Digital Event video suggests it agrees. Don't get us wrong, the fact a new Star Fox even exists has us pumped: we just think it's a bit too early to get excited until Miyamoto himself has decided what sort of game it should be.



As far as you're concerned, the latest game in the Pro Evolution Soccer series wasn't at E3. In reality, it actually was, with Konami slapping a June 25 embargo on journalists meaning we can't talk about it for another fortnight. Rest assured then that even though it technically wasn't "at" E3 in a coverage sense, you won't have long to wait.