Yoshinori Ono resigns from Capcom Vancouver

Former director has not announced his next move

Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono has left his position as director at Capcom Vancouver.

Ono revealed on Twitter that he had left the studio behind Dead Rising 2 and 3, which was formerly known as Blue Castle games before Capcom purchased it in 2010.

Ono added that he wanted to take some time to think "very carefully about next things", though he plans to watch the World Cup in Brazil before he gets back to thinking about it.

We've asked Capcom if Ono plans to remain with the company in another position or if he has left the Japanese publisher for good. We'll update this article with any response.

Update: Ono has clarified that only his position at Capcom Vancouver has ended. His other projects with Capcom are still under way.

Ono was placed in charge of Capcom's fighting game projects after the success of 2008's Street Fighter IV. He revealed in 2012 that stress from his busy schedule had led to his hospitalization, after which he took a brief break from the franchise.

He took on a role as a corporate officer at the company in addition to his work in the consumer games R&D division in April 2013.