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Destiny 'already looking better than the alpha', says artist

Bungie "actively watching" players via the early access demo

Bungie has already introduced visual improvements to Destiny over that of the currently-available alpha demo, says senior environment artist Jason Sussman.

Reception to the first publicly playable version of the game has been widely positive, with players praising both the game's unique FPS-RPG elements and sci-fi visuals. But Sussman promises bigger and better things from the upcoming beta and, in September, the final game.


"What's really cool for me personally as an environment artist is that the game is already looking better than what people are playing in the alpha, which is really cool," he said via the PS Blog. "It's like, hey guess what? This is only going to get better."

The Alpha test has already played a critical role in improving the game, added Sussman. "We're actively watching people and seeing what they do with our game so that we can make adjustments for the beta (coming later this year) and eventually roll these improvements out to the real game," he said.

"We're already making adjustments now - in a lot of ways visually but we're also balancing things out a little bit. It's a great way for us to interpret all of the data that goes into our systems."

The alpha, which has been active since last Thursday, June 12, let players get to grips with a single Story mission, a co-op Strike, one multiplayer mode and a free-roaming 'Explore' mode. Players can look forward to testing out a new suite of content in the July beta, said Sussman.

"The beta test later in the year will contain different content - there will be a difference but what's key is that every bit of information we're gathering and the tweaks and adjustments we're making will carry through to the Beta test."

Bungie has extended the Destiny alpha test on PS4 "to allow dangerous experiments", said the developer on Monday.

The Destiny release date is September 9 on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. This will be preceded by a beta, launching first on PlayStation platforms on July 17.


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