Destiny's PlayStation-exclusive content detailed

Exclusive strike mission, MP map, guns, gear and more

Sony and Bungie have confirmed the slew of exclusive Destiny content promised to PlayStation owners.

Destiny on PS3 and PS4 will exclusively contain a new co-op Strike mission set on Mars, an additional competitive multiplayer map, and a selection of exclusive guns, gear, and ships, explained SCEA's Sid Shuman via the PS Blog.

Here are the official details for the Strike and the multiplayer map:

The Dust Palace Strike:


An exclusive three-player cooperative Strike that can be played with friends or match made. You'll track a Cabal extraction team through the husks of an ancient human skyscraper, the Dust Palace, buried in the shifting dunes of Mars and face a new enemy, the Psion Flayers.

The Exodus Blue Competitive Multiplayer Map:

A mid-sized Crucible arena that pairs perfectly with Control and Skirmish game modes. The Exodus Blue, a long-dead vessel, once brought hope and humanity to worlds beyond Earth. Here, Guardians challenge one another, forging a new hope and future in the fires of the Crucible.

PS gamers will get exclusive gear, including the Manifold Seeker armor for Warlocks, the Vanir armor for Titans and the Argus weave for Hunters.

In addition, an "an exotic assault rifle" called the Monte Carlo, and the Hawkmoon hand cannon, along with three ships, the Aurora Wake, Crypt Hammer and the Outrageous Fortune, will be PlayStation exclusive. Screenshots of all of this content are in the gallery above.

Bungie has extended the Destiny alpha test on PS4 "to allow dangerous experiments", said the developer on Monday.

The Destiny release date is September 9 on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. This will be preceded by a beta, launching first on PlayStation platforms on July 17.


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