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Grid Autosport trailer details street racing discipline

GRID Autosport's Street racing discipline takes the lead in this latest trailer from Namco Bandai and Codemasters.

One of five racing styles planned for the title, the studio noted that the game's races through the streets of San Francisco and Washington DC are reminiscent of the original GRID. Tracks which blaze through Chicago, Barcelona, Dubai, and Paris join the two classic venues.

Street races have more variety than any other event in the game, car handling designer Luke Stephenson wrote on the Codemasters Blog: from hot hatches to super cars, each type must negotiate the tightly barricaded streets with their own degree of care.

"Street cars are relatively heavy with soft suspension to handle the bumps of the city circuits and plenty of contact with competitors," Stephenson said. "Drivers should brake early, turn smoothly and be ready to make quick corrections as the uneven terrain can easily throw any car off balance."

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The Grid Autosport release date is June 24 2014 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.