GTA 5 next-gen is 'so impressive it depresses me,' says Kojima

Metal Gear creator says latest GTA V trailer was "really impressive"

Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has heaped praise on the next-gen edition of Rockstar's crime opus, Grand Theft Auto 5, and said that the upcoming PS4, Xbox One and PC versions are "super impressive".

The latest entries in the Metal Gear Solid series, titled Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain, are the first to adopt an open-world format. This genre is something which Rockstar is famous for, having pioneered with 3D open worlds on GTAIII and subsequent games in the blockbuster franchise.


Speaking in an interview with CVG, Kojima was asked to reflect on how high Rockstar had set the bar.

"It's a bit different because Rockstar is going in a very different direction to what I'm trying to create," he replied.

"When we say we're an open-world game it makes it sound like it's trying to be the same as what those guys are creating. But this is very different - I'm trying to do a free infiltration game.

"What Rockstar has created and the world they have created is super impressive, and actually when I saw the PS4 version a few days ago I got depressed again. And this is not game design-related, it's just me. The quality that they showed in the PS4 trailer was really impressive."

Kojima often discusses his love of other games franchises, in particular Ubisoft's titles. In Metal Gear Solid 4, Kojima Productions included a unlockable outfit for Old Snake based on the robes worn by Assassin's Creed protagonist Altair.

More recently, Kojima said that seeing Ubisoft's The Division has inspired him to "work harder" on his own games.

"I thought it received a good reaction, but after seeing Ubisoft's The Division I felt I have to work harder," he said, according a 4Gamer post (translated by DualShockers).

"At E3 we're fighting against the powerhouses of the whole world. At one time I thought I managed to win that battle with Metal Gear Solid 3. For that reason we gave ourselves the objective to "win the world once more" with Metal Gear Solid V. The V in the title is the V for victory."


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