Wii Fit U update adds new walking and climbing challenges

Version 1.3 also makes My Routines mode more user-friendly

Nintendo has begun rolling out a new Wii Fit U title update adding fresh Fit Meter Challenges.

These challenges link to the Wii Fit Meter, a small pedometer that works in conjunction with Wii Fit U. As well as distance walked, it also measures altitude, allowing for a more accurate estimate on how many calories are burnt while the user is walking.


When the data from the Fit Meter is synced to Wii Fit U, it is presented in the form of Fit Meter Challenges, which take the number of steps the user has taken and show how they correspond to real-world walking or climbing circuits.

According to Wii Fit U director Hiroshi Matsunaga, the new Version 1.3 update will add twelve new Walking Challenges and twelve new Climbing Challenges to the game.

"The new Walking Challenge courses take you on exciting journeys through various countries, and there's lots of interesting cultural and historical information to discover along the way", he said on the game's official Miiverse page.

The update will also make changes to the My Routines mode, in which players can set their own playlists of activities.

Whereas before players would have to proceed to the next activity with the controller, the update now makes the game move on to the next one automatically, meaning players exclusively using the Balance Board don't have to keep picking up the controller after each exercise.