EA Sports UFC review round-up: a fair fight

All the verdicts in one place

We're still toiling away on our EA Sports UFC review, but many other publications have delivered their verdicts on the company's first mixed martial arts game as holder of the official UFC license.

As always, we've gathered reviews from around the internet and placed them in a convenient list below, along with the score it was awarded from the publication and a short excerpt from the review itself.

We'll be regularly updating this story with more reviews as they're made available, so check back to stay up-to-date on the critical reception to EA Sports UFC.

  • GamesRadar: 3.5/5 - EA Sports UFC boasts incredibly detailed fighters and great combat. However, this debut effort from a new publisher lacks the single-player balance and the variety of modes that previous UFC games brought to the ring.
  • Eurogamer: 7/10 - EA Sports UFC is a game capable of brilliance. It's let down by some curious design decisions, signs of a team perhaps too interested in capturing non-essential moves seen on YouTube rather than nailing the essence of the sport. But when it flows against human competition, it offers beautiful destruction and glorious drama. Landing a picture-perfect head kick in the final minute of the fifth round of a title fight? Well, it doesn't get much better. And if that's not worth a fistbump, I don't know what is.
  • DualShockers: 9.0 - All in all EA Sports UFC is a great fighting game that embodies the strategy and fighting prowess needed to be an ultimate fighter. The game does a great job making each punch, kick, takedown and submission feel as real as it gets without having to step into a real Octagon. This is a must have for any MMA or UFC fan and a must try for anyone who really wants to learn the sport and understand what it is all about.
  • EGM: 9.0 - The best representation of the action that happens inside the Octagon yet. While it's not simple, the control scheme is still easy enough to learn that it takes the experience to an entirely new level as you break your opponents down standing up, in the clinch, or on the mat. With outstanding next-gen visuals, EA Sports UFC is good enough to carry around a championship belt.
  • GameRevolution: 4/5 - A prime example of the potential of next-gen consoles, EA Sports UFC keeps the legacy of solid MMA fighting titles alive and well, though it's still green and rough around the corners. The once tenuous relationship between EA and UFC now seems to be a natural match that is sure to flourish the longer EA Canada works out the kinks. As Bruce Lee, one of the DLC characters for the game, would say: "Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them." Nothing could be truer for the future of EA Sports UFC.
  • Bleacher Report: 9/10 - Learning curves are a big deal with combat sports games. Many people can be deterred from playing them for fear of being thrashed online if they aren't the quickest learners on the sticks. While this game isn't rocket science, it isn't elementary math either.
  • VideoGamer: 6/10 - EA Sports UFC is simply ok when it should have been great. Considering how long it's been in development, and the breadth of content at EA's disposal, I can't help but be disappointed by what's on offer.