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Oculus VR hiring spree continues with Bastion coder

Supergiant Games programmer joins VR firm

A programmer who has worked on cult indie titles such as Costume Quest and Bastion is the latest US games developer to join Oculus VR.

In March, Facebook announced its plan to acquire Oculus VR for billion

The virtual reality company is expected to be developing its own video game software, custom built to work with the corporation's Oculus Rift headset, as it hires a great deal of industry figures.

Christopher Jurney, who most recently worked with the core development team at Supergiant Games, announced on Twitter that he will join Oculus by the end of June. Jurney most recently worked on Transistor, the PC and PS4 action-RPG that was warmly received by critics. He announced his career switch on Twitter.

Other talent working at Oculus VR includes ex-Valve employees Aaron Nicholls and revered programmer Michael Abrash, as well as biz-dev executives such as David De Martini (formerly EA). The company also recently hired Adrian Wong, who formerly worked on Google Glass.

Oculus VR's most famous talent acquisition has been that of John Carmack, the Id Software co-founder who is widely considered one of the most respected figures in games. Carmack's move to Oculus is the subject of an ongoing lawsuit filed by his former company, Zenimax Media, which purchased Id Software in 2009.

In March, Facebook announced its plan to acquire Oculus VR for $2 billion.