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Atari's 'comeback strategy' includes plans to make wearable devices

Company will also reach out to the social casino and LGBT audiences

Atari has officially revealed its 'Corporate Comeback Strategy', detailing plans to bring the formerly bankrupt company back to profitability.

"Atari's approach to succeed in the digital age of entertainment includes online video games, online casinos, exclusive video content, and a robust licensing business including hardware and apparel", reads a statement from the publisher.


According to the statement, classic Atari brands such as Pong and Asteroids will be relaunched and "extended" to various platforms including iOS, Android, PC and online.

It will also "aim at capitalising on other rapidly growing markets and reaching out to new audiences including LGBT, social casinos, real-money gambling, and YouTube with exclusive video content".

The company has also reaffirmed its plans to license hardware, "particularly for gamified hardware and wearable devices".

In May, Atari CEO Frederic Chesnais explained his plans for the company, saying Atari is "more than a software brand, it's a hardware brand".

However, he stressed that this did not mean Atari is planning to make a new console. "I'm not talking about a new console but, like, a watch, a gamified watch," he said in an interview.

As another example, Chesnais offered: "You have a jacket. We have a plug-in so you can power your iPhone or Android. You have a solar chip on your shoulder so that you never run out of batteries."

Atari filed for bankruptcy in January 2013. In December that year, it received court approval to enact a three-year plan that would see it emerge from bankruptcy.