Guacamelee dated for PS4, Xbox and Wii U

Super Turbo Championship Edition arriving in July

DrinkBox Studios has announced a Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition release date of July 1 in North America and July 2 in Europe.


Priced at £11.99 / €13.99 / $14.99, the PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Wii U versions of the luchador-themed platform-brawler include a number of new features, which are detailed below.

Guacamelee! launched on PS3 and Vita in April 2013 ahead of a PC release in August. It tells the story of a Mexican luchador wrestler called Juan who has to save El Presidente's daughter from an evil skeleton called Carlos Calaca.

  • Super Turbo Championship Edition features

  • Expanded Story - An expanded version of the game that includes new content and all DLC from the original
  • New Game Areas - Players will ride boats through the Canal of Flowers to save a besieged fishing town, and avoid lava as they climb through the fiery Volcano
  • New Boss - Face off against the deadly Trio of Death, a three-headed skeleton that lives in the Volcano, who helps the evil Carlos Calaca build his skeleton armies
  • New Abilities - Maximize destruction with the powerful new INTENSO combat mode and dish out scrambled pain with powerful Chicken Bombs. Plus, swap dimensions independently in co-op play using the new Shadow Swap ability.
  • New Enemies - Lethal new elite-class enemies that want to chokeslam luchadores to sleep
  • Support for multiple save slots
  • Dual currency system that supports permanent item unlocks

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Super Turbo Championship Edition will feature additional content