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Steam Summer Sale begins

Summer Adventure offers free games, Steam cards

The Steam Summer Sale began on Tuesday, offering deep discounts on a wide selection of PC titles.

The promotion is scheduled to last from June 19 to 30. Daily Deals offer nine titles at lower prices for 24 hours, while Flash Sales discount four games for an eight hour window.


Community's Choice sales allow Steam Users to decide between several sets of games for the next discount, while catalogue-wide sales offer savings all throughout the promotion.

Participating in the Steam Summer Sale by making purchases or voting on Community's Choice offers will unlock Summer Adventure trading cards, which can be used to craft user profile badges.

Crafting those badges in turn adds points to each user's randomly selected team. At the end of each day, 30 contributors from each team will win 3 games from their Steam wishlist and others will receive more trading cards.

Crafting the badges will also unlock in-game items across 10 games, including Team Fortress 2, BattleBlock Theatre, and Loadout.