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Sony 'yet to catch up with initial PS4 demand' in Europe

PlayStation UK boss says company is "still dealing with the day one market"

PlayStation UK managing director Fergal Gara believes Sony has probably lost some PS4 sales in Europe by failing to meet high levels of demand for the console.

Record pre-order numbers ahead of PS4's western release last November, coupled with the system's release in Japan in February, has meant that supply manufacturers have struggled to meet demand, but the executive told TrustedReviews that Sony is finally nearing a full production run.


"We haven't yet caught up with the initial demand across Europe." Gara said. "We are still dealing with the day one market. We are very close to being in a full supply situation, but we are not quite there yet."

Sony claims that PS4 sales topped seven million units as of April 6, but the number may have been greater had supply been more readily available.

"We may have lost some sales," Gara said. "There is no update on PS4 sales figures right now, but suffice to say it is still selling, and selling very well."

Gara previously said that a PS4 supply shortage across Britain was unlikely to be resolved until April, and he told TrustedReviews that the UK is now less affected than other European countries.

"We are in a bit better shape in the UK, but there are countries that are still selling out every last unit that drops into the market on a weekly basis. A good example at the moment would be Germany who had phenomenal sales figures last week, but they just haven't had enough stock so far."


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