Miyamoto: Tough times inspire "next new thing"

Younger generation of designers create Splatoon

Shigeru Miyamoto admits that Nintendo is at a low point in the market, but he believes that has led to a new high point for creativity.

The Nintendo designer spoke with Kotaku about how Wii U's slow sales influenced Nintendo's lineup of existing franchises and entirely new projects at E3 last week.


"Certainly we've had tough times before, but the numbers have never been as bad as they are now," Miyamoto admitted. "In my years with Nintendo what I've found is that it's always in those difficult times that we have a tendency to find that next new thing. And I think that maybe we're seeing a little bit of that [now at E3]."

Some of that came in the form of fan-pleasing gestures like the first footage of Zelda Wii U showing off its wide open world, or Amiibo figurines depicting a range of classic characters. But Nintendo isn't just doubling down on known favorites to improve its fortunes.

"We also have younger members of the team now, and they're wanting to create their own games and have their own ideas," Miyamoto said. "Splatoon is a good example of that. That's being made by some very young members of the group. They're having a lot of freedom to create the game that they want."

Check out Nintendo's 30-minute video demonstration of Splatoon for a crash course on the inventive third-person shooter.