Company of Heroes 2: Western Front Armies launch trailer lives history

The launch trailer for Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies juxtaposes the chaos of war with the quiet reverence of years past.

The live-action trailer shows a US and German soldier navigating a battlefield inhabited by memorial-style bronze statues of their comrades. Eventually they find and fire on one another, taking their places in the historical conflict.

The expansion adds US forces and German Oberkommando West troops to the multiplayer mode.

Players can purchase access to the two armies individually for $12.99 each, or together for $19.99. Western Front Armies owners can access the multiplayer mode regardless of whether they have purchased Company of Heroes 2.

The expansion adds eight new seasonal multiplayer maps across the Western front, the setting for the original Company of Heroes. It also introduces an extended progression system, letting players unlock more tactical options as they play matches online.

"Fans were really crying out for the Allied heroes from Company of Heroes," game director Quinn Duffy said upon the expansion's announcement, adding that the studio is "listening in" on calls for any additional army packs in the future.

The pack is set for release on June 24 in Europe and North America.

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