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Mario Kart 8 Mercedes Benz DLC releasing in US, UK

Free GLA-class kart arriving in the summer

Mario Kart 8's free Mercedes Benz Kart DLC will release in North America and the UK this summer.

Nintendo of America and Nintendo UK confirmed via their official Twitter accounts that the GLA-class kart will release outside of Japan.

As the real car is not suited to kart racing, the in-game vehicle will be a modified version with no roof, allowing Mario and friends to stick their heads out while driving.

The DLC will be free, and is part of a larger campaign for the GLA class car in Japan, which is also being supported with Mario-themed television commercials.

The game sold 1.2 million copies in its first weekend of availability, boosting Wii U system sales by more than four times in the US and 666 percent in the UK.

CVG's Mario Kart 8 review called the game "a multiplayer event showcasing Nintendo doing what it does best: bashing your expectations (which should already have been lofty) into dust and then rebuilding them anew into something bigger and better than you had imagined."