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This remarkable Hearthstone comeback shouldn't have been possible

In my Hearthstone review I used an (admittedly strained) observation that this divine card game of strategy and wits has far more in common with boxing than you'd think.

It's famously difficult, in particular, to recover once your opponent overpowers you. Once the metaphorical knees wobble and the eyes glaze over, you're done. Sure, you can scramble back to your feet and hope to land a miracle shot, but when the game starts slipping away it's just a matter of time.

That is, unless you play like this guy.


Jeffrey "Trump" Shih is renowned within the Hearthstone community as a master of the game. Seriously, just watching him play for a few minutes will teach you so much about attack strategies and card choices.

Last week, however, Trump was battered down to two health out of thirty, facing an opponent who had already laid three legendary cards (some of the rarest in the game), one of which sends out a 8-damage blast of lava at the end of their turn. In boxing terms, most refs would stop the fight by this point.

Then Trump shook up the world, as shown in the video below (start watching from just after 13 minutes to cut straight to the drama).

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