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Grid Autosport DLC will include 'themed mini-expansions'

Car packs also planned, PC and PlayStation season pass announced

Codemasters has detailed its Grid Autosport DLC plans ahead of the game's release this week on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Codies community manager Ben Walke said in a blog post that DLC will arrive in the form of themed mini-expansions and car packs, which are detailed below.


Car packs

  • Car packs are exactly how you'd imagine, they include new cars for the game and we've currently got three of these planned. Integration of the car packs is something that we know is hugely important to you, and through the feedback you've given us we're confident that you won't have any issues with mismatched compatibility. If you have a car pack and a friend doesn't, you'll still be able to race together and more importantly, see each other's cars.


  • There will be three mini-expansions for GRID Autosport and each will have a specific 'theme' surrounding it. The mini-expansions will each include a selection of new locations, some will include new cars and in some cases new game modes entirely. Each mini-expansion will also bring with it a brand new addition to the single player experience, so while you'll be able to take your new content online, you'll also be able to play it offline.

A high definition texture pack will also be available to download for the PC version on launch day, but Walke warned that the 4K textures included will have a "small hit on your performance", hence its optional nature.

A DLC season pass will be available on PC and PS3. The Grid Autosport release date is this Tuesday, June 24 in the US and Friday June 27 in Europe.


Grid Autosport launch trailer shows racing across disciplines

Releasing on June 24, in US, June 27 in Europe