Civilization Revolution 2 revealed as iOS and Android title

Mobile-focused strategy game emerges three years after rumours of project cancellation

Publishing label 2K Games has formally revealed Sid Meier's Civilization 2, the first game in the flagship strategy series that has been designed exclusively for smartphones.

The first Civilization, which shipped in 2008, was Fireaxis Games' attempt to expand its popular PC franchise onto various consoles. The game was ported across Xbox 360, PS3, DS, Windows Phone and iOS.


Three years later, in April 2011, rumours began to surface that the sequel had been cancelled.

But on Tuesday, 2K announced the game for release on July 2. The premium title is set for release on iOS, supporting both iPhone and iPad, while an Android edition is also in the pipeline.

"Civilization Revolution 2 is the first Civilization game to be developed exclusively for mobile platforms, delivering high-impact graphics and new gameplay and controls that capitalise on the mobile technology advancements since the original Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution launched more than five years ago," read a statement from the company.

"The game will combine the core tactical elements of the series with intuitive controls and a friendly user interface - designed specifically for mobile gamers on touch-pad devices. Civilization fans will also recognize the 16 historical leaders found in the first game, including Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi and Napoleon, alongside leaders such as Churchill and Kennedy, who are making their appearance in the series for the first time."